We have kittens!


If a cat does something, we call it instinct; if we do the same thing, for the same reason, we call it intelligence. - Will Cuppy

It has all started innocenty with a small creature. Reddie (Cindy Lauper Ooh La La in a pedigree) - the white-red exotic came to our house in 2001 and from the very beginning caught the hearts of the whole family and friends. She originated the first part of our prefix RED§POINT*PL.

One year later Reddie born her first daughter, called Star (formally Asteria), because she was the only one in the litter. Everyone told us to sell her, saying she's so ugly! We were however enchanted by her character and big amber eyes. So she stayed! And she hasn't born a single ugly kitten so far, and all her children have a wonderful and absolutlely unique personality.

Usia Panda*PL, a blue colourpoint female, a furry ball with marine blue eyes made us fall in love with colourpoint cats. They are really exceptional. On the one hand they are very gentle and adorable like all persian cats, on the other hand they are real chatterboxes, who have always something to say. They are very communicative and individual and they got on really well with Freddie (our ferret).

The love with red cats and colourpoints made us choose the prefix RED&POINT*PL.

In the following year our first stud arrived, magnificent and as faithful as a dog at the same time, a seal colourpoint Cyprys Panda*PL and a black exotic girl Blackie of wonderful personality (Jawa Kika-Charme*PL according to the pedigree).

Another persian stud - a white-cream harlequin Imbir Panda*PL (Ginger) appeared one year later. Ginger is the cat, for whom a touch of a human hand is a sense of life.

The year 2006 was on the one hand very difficult, because on 13th May our ferret Freddie died, and exactly one month later Usia died, after having born only one litter in her life. On the other hand the year 2006 gave us Cebulka Nanona-Cat*PL (called Onion) - a red colourpoint female and Ciel et Soleil Blandiri*PL (called Szottie) a white odd-eyed persian female. "Our children" Heroina RED&POINT*PL - a black exotic and Irasiad RED&POINT*PL a white-cream bicolour persian female stayed with us. In 2007 Hortensja Nanona-Cat*PL came to live with us and Blackie, who couldn't have kittens moved to our friends, where she found a loving home and family. At home a bigger inhabitant settled down- EDI - a dogue de Bordeaux.

We have always loved cats not only for their individualism but for their inner and outer beauty. Apart from persian cats, only burmese cats are alike. That's why we bought Ata-Anastazja RIMEBURG*PL - a lilac burmese female - an angel and a devil in one body:
Now, when we have overcome a numer of obstacles and barriers, after tens of catshows and lots of litters and surprises (for example recently Lars RED&POINT*PL turned out to be an odd-eyed harlequin) we may say that cats are a real incurable disease - they make you get addicted in the way you want more and more.

Beside the fact that we have a herd of cats, we respect and love all of them. We remember all the names and personalities of cats who were born in our family, we try to help everyone who bought a cat from us and turn for help. Despite the fact that a lot of our chilren came to catteries, a good caring loving home for the cat is more important for us than the cat shows or breeding achievements. All our kittens are sold not sooner than at the age of 12 weeks.

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